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Smaller than many toolboxes!


With 1,000W of continuous power and a capacity of 1,127Wh, the Powerstation PPS 1200PRO is the perfect generator replacement for outdoor shoots, events and outdoor festivals.

However, it is also ideal for self-sufficient power supply for caravans, motorhomes, hunting lodges, gazebos and boats, or as an emergency generator for the home.

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Ten charging ports can be used to supply power to numerous devices such as a foto flashlight units, permanent light, laptop, LED TV, mini refrigerator or electric grill. And even for drills or jigsaws, the PPS 1200 has enough power!

The power station is solar-compatible and can be recharged via three charging modes: at home via the wall socket, the 12V connection in the car or the AgfaPhoto Solar Panel SP 120.

The PPS 1200 offers numerous safety features such as overheating protection, short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection or overcharge protection, and the integrated LED display allows the charging status to be checked quickly and easily at any time.

Your mobile power plant!

Despite 1,127Wh and an output of 1,000W, the PPS 1200 weighs just 13.5kg.

You can charge everything – no matter where!

With 10 charging ports you are always on the safe side when it comes to mobile charging of your devices!

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Three flexible charging options!

3 charging modes: via solar panel, power socket or car cigarette lighter.

Mehr Power für Deine Geräte!

Nutzungs- und Ladezeiten*


Gaming Console (95 W)
ca. 11,5x aufladen


Tablet (33 W)
ca. 34x aufladen


Fridge (110 W)
ca. 10h betreiben


LED-TV (40 W)
ca. 28h betreiben


Drohne (68 W)
ca. 16,5x aufladen


Power drill (700 W)
ca. 1,5h betreiben


Jigsaw (500 W)
ca. 2h betreiben


Floodlight (100 W)
ca. 11h betreiben

*Referenzwert. Die Zeiten können je nach angeschlossenem Produkt und Stromverbrauch variieren.


Power1000 W continuous | 2000 W peak
Capacity1.127 Wh | 52.200 mAh / 21.6 V
Battery type Lithium-ion
Lifetime> 500
Input1x DC 5521 12-30 V, 7 A (via AC)
1x DC Anderson 18 V (200 W) (via solar)
Output #12x USB-A | 5 V, 2.4 A (Total: 4.8 A)
Output #22x USB-A (18 W QC 3.0) | 5 V, 3 A / 9 V, 2 A / 12 V, 1.5 A
Output #31x USB-C (PD 3.0)
5 V, 3 A / 9 V, 3 A / 12 V, 3 A / 15 V, 3 A / 20 V, 3 A
Output #41x cigarette lighter | 12 V, 10 A
Output #51x DC 6530 | 12 V, 6 A
Output #64x AC 230 V / 50 Hz | 1.000 W (2000 W max.)
Pure sine wave
General information
Net. Weight13,5 kg (29.76 lbs)
Working temperatures-10°C - +40°C (14°F - 104°F)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 328 x 252 x 272 mm (12.91 x 9.92 x 10.70 inches)

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Weitere portable Energiespeicher


Die superleichte und kompakte Powerstation AgfaPhoto PPS 100PRO hat eine Batteriekapazität von 88,8Wh und eine Ausgangsleistung von 80 Watt (120W max.).


Die AgfaPhoto Powerstation PPS 300PRO besticht durch hohe Leistungswerte (278Wh, 100W kontinuierlich) bei extremer Handlichkeit und einem Gewicht von nur 2,2 kg.


Die AgfaPhoto Powerstation PPS 600PRO hat eine Kapazität von 644Wh und eine Leistung von 650W (max 1000W).

AgfaPhoto Solar-Panels


Das AgfaPhoto Solar-Panel SP 21 hat eine Leistung von 21W.


Das AgfaPhoto Solar-Panel SP 120 hat eine Leistung von 120W und kann Dein Smartphone oder Tablet direkt über USB-Kabel mit sauberem Solar-Strom versorgen.

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